Connecting the dots in the order and manner as they

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Unformatted text preview: d find 3(2 − x)1/3 − x(2 − x)−2/3 ≤ 0 on 2 , 2 ∪ (2, ∞). To 1/3 and g (x) = x(2 − x)−2/3 (the thicker curve). check this graphically, we set f (x) = 3(2 − x) 3 We confirm that the graphs intersect at x = 2 and the graph of f is below the graph of g for 3 x ≥ 2 , with the exception of x = 2 where it appears the graph of g has a vertical asymptote. (+) 0 (−) 3 2 (−) 2 y = f (x) and y = g (x) One application of algebraic functions was given in Example 1.7.6 in Section 1.1. Our last example is a more sophisticated application of distance. Example 5.3.3. Carl wishes to get high speed internet service installed in his remote Sasquatch observation post located 30 miles from Route 117. The nearest junction box is located 50 miles downroad from the post, as indicated in the diagram below. Suppose it costs $15 per mile to run cable along the road and $20 per mile to run cable off of the road. 320 Further Topics in Functions Outpost 30 miles z y x Junction Box Route 117 50 miles 1. Express the to...
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