Example 1182 solve 5v 2 v 1 2 0 for v solution 5v

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Unformatted text preview: hich stands for “polar”. This changes the “Y=” menu as seen above in the middle. Let’s plot the polar rose given by r = 3 cos(4θ) from Exercise 1h above. We type the function into the “r=” menu as seen above on the right. We need to set the viewing window so that the curve displays properly, but when we look at the WINDOW menu, we find three extra lines. In order for the calculator to be able to plot r = 3 cos(4θ) in the xy -plane, we need to tell it not only the dimensions which x and y will assume, but we also what values of θ to use. From our previous work, we know that we need 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π , so we enter the data you see above. (I’ll say more about the θ-step in just a moment.) Hitting GRAPH yields the curve below on the left which doesn’t look quite right. The issue here is that the calculator screen is 96 pixels wide but only 64 pixels tall. To get a true geometric perspective, we need to hit ZOOM SQUARE (seen below in the middle) to produce a more accurate graph which we present below on the right....
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