Finally if either a or b or both are zero then both

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Unformatted text preview: ) (c) m = −5, P ( 3, 2 3) 7 √ (b) m = − 2, P (0, −3) (d) m = 678, P (−1, −12) 2. Find the slope-intercept form of the line which passes through the given points. (a) P (0, 0), Q(−3, 5) (c) P (5, 0), Q(0, −8) (b) P (−1, −2), Q(3, −2) (d) P (3, −5), Q(7, 4) 3. Water freezes at 0◦ Celsius and 32◦ Fahrenheit and it boils at 100◦ C and 212◦ F. (a) Find a linear function F that expresses temperature in the Fahrenheit scale in terms of degrees Celsius. Use this function to convert 20◦ C into Fahrenheit. (b) Find a linear function C that expresses temperature in the Celsius scale in terms of degrees Fahrenheit. Use this function to convert 110◦ F into Celsius. (c) Is there a temperature n such that F (n) = C (n)? 4. A salesperson is paid $200 per week plus 5% commission on her weekly sales of x dollars. Find a linear function that represents her total weekly pay in terms of x. What must her weekly sales be in order for her to earn $475.00 for the week? 5. Jeffey can walk comfortably at 3 miles per hour. Find a linear function d that represents the total distance Jeffey can walk in t hours, assuming he doesn’t take any breaks. 6. Carl can stuff 6 enve...
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