Find an expression for g x and nd its domain 3

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Unformatted text preview: ating the importance of finding the domain of a function before simplifying, as evidenced by the function I in the previous example. Even though the formula I (x) simplifies to 3x, it would be inaccurate to write I (x) = 3x without adding the stipulation that x = 0. It would be analogous to not reporting taxable income or some other sin of omission. 3 The ‘radicand’ is the expression ‘inside’ the radical. More precisely, the fraction 0 is an ‘indeterminant form’. Much time will be spent in Calculus wrestling with 0 such creatures. 4 1.5 Function Notation 49 Our next example shows how a function can be used to model real-world phenomena. Example 1.5.4. The height h in feet of a model rocket above the ground t seconds after lift off is given by h(t) = −5t2 + 100t, if 0 ≤ t ≤ 20 0, if t > 20 Find and interpret h(10) and h(60). Solution. There are a few qualities of h which may be off-putting. The first is that, unlike previous examples, the independent variable i...
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