Find the quotient and the remainder polynomials then

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Unformatted text preview: he models found above, find the predicted maximum power that can be delivered to the load. What is the corresponding resistance value? (d) Discuss with your classmates the limitations of these models - in particular, discuss the end behavior of each. 9. Show that the end behavior of a linear function f (x) = mx + b is as it should be according to the results we’ve established in the section for polynomials of odd degree. (That is, show that the graph of a linear function is “up on one side and down on the other” just like the graph of y = an xn for odd numbers n.) 10. There is one subtlety about the role of multiplicity that we need to discuss further; specifically we need to see ‘how’ the graph crosses the x-axis at a zero of odd multiplicity. In the section, we deliberately excluded the function f (x) = x from the discussion of the end behavior of f (x) = xn for odd numbers n and we said at the time that it was due to the fact that f (x) = x didn’t fit the pattern we were trying to establish. You just showed...
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