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Unformatted text preview: ns. In fact, while we characterize systems of nonlinear equations as being ‘consistent’ or ‘inconsistent,’ we generally don’t use the labels ‘dependent’ or ‘independent’. Secondly, as we saw with number 4, sometimes making a quick sketch of the problem situation can save a lot of time and effort. While in general the curves in a system of non-linear equations may not be easily visualized, it sometimes pays to take advantage when they are. Our next example provides some considerable review of many of the topics introduced in this text. Example 8.7.2. Solve the following systems of equations. Verify your answers algebraically graphically, as appropriate. y + 4e2x = 1 z (x − 2) = x2 + 2xy − 16 = 0 2. 1. y 2 + 2ex = 1 yz = y 2 + 2xy − 16 = 0 3. 2 + y2 = (x − 2) and x y 1 Solution. 1. At first glance, it doesn’t appear as though elimination will do us any good since it’s clear that we cannot completely eliminate one of the variables. The alternative, solving...
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