For that reason we may form the coecient matrix a the

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Unformatted text preview: vely, and Type III has percents 35%, 30% and 35%, respectively. How much of each Type of tea is needed to make 2 pounds of a new blend of tea that is equal parts peppermint, rose hips and chamomile? 7. Discuss with your classmates how you would approach Exercise 6 above if they needed to use up a pound of Type I tea to make room on the shelf for a new canister. 8. Discuss with your classmates why it is impossible to mix a 20% acid solution with a 40% acid solution to produce a 60% acid solution. If you were to try to make 100 mL of a 60% acid solution using stock solutions at 20% and 40%, respectively, what would the triangular form of the resulting system look like? 464 8.1.2 Systems of Equations and Matrices Answers 1. Because triangular form is not unique, we give only one possible answer to that part of the question. Yours may be different and still be correct. (a) x+y = 5 y=7 5 x − 3y − 7z = −7 3 3 5 (b) y + 4z = 2 z= 0 x − 1y + 1z = 5 4 4 4 (c) y + 3z = 15 0= 0 x − 1y + 1z = 5 4 4 4 (d) y + 3z = 15 0= 1 (e) x + y + z = −17 y...
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