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Fortunately people like runi and horner have already

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Unformatted text preview: ) = 42b − (e) P (x) = (x − 1)(x − 2)(x − 3)(x − 4) b3 (f) q (r) = 1 − 16r4 2. For each polynomial given below, find its real zeros and their corresponding multiplicities. Use this information along with a sign chart to provide a rough sketch of the graph of the polynomial. (a) a(x) = x(x + 2)2 (d) Z (b) = b(42 − b2 ) (b) F (x) = x3 (x + 2)2 (e) Q(x) = (x + 5)2 (x − 3)4 (c) P (x) = (x − 1)(x − 2)(x − 3)(x − 4) (f) g (x) = x(x + 2)3 3. According to US Postal regulations, a rectangular shipping box must satisfy the inequality “Length + Girth ≤ 130 inches” for Parcel Post and “Length + Girth ≤ 108 inches” for other services.17 Let’s assume we have a closed rectangular box with a square face of side length x as drawn below. The length is the longest side and is clearly labeled. The girth is the distance around the box in the other two dimensions so in our case it is the sum of the four sides of the square, 4x. (a) Assuming that we’ll be mailing a box via Parcel Post where Length + Girth =...
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