From the gure we see the height of the box is x

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Unformatted text preview: b) Discuss with your classmates why ignoring the first two data points may be justified from a historical perspective. (c) Find the least squares regression line for the last four data points and comment on the goodness of fit. Interpret the slope of the line of best fit. (d) Use the regression line to predict the annual US energy production in the year 2010. (e) Use the regression line to predict when the annual US energy production will reach 100 Quads. 2. The chart below contains a portion of the fuel consumption information for a 2002 Toyota Echo I (Jeff) used to own. The first row is the cumulative number of gallons of gasoline that I had used and the second row is the odometer reading when I refilled the gas tank. So, for example, the fourth entry is the point (28.25, 1051) which says that I had used a total of 28.25 gallons of gasoline when the odometer read 1051 miles. Gasoline Used (Gallons) Odometer (Miles) 0 9.26 19.03 28.25 36.45 44.64 53.57 62.62 71.93 81.69 90.43 41 356 731 10...
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