Hence this equation does not represent y as a

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Unformatted text preview: o determine which x and y values occur as coordinates of points on the given graph. To find the domain, it may be helpful to imagine collapsing the curve to the x-axis and determining the portion of the x-axis that gets covered. This is called projecting the curve to the x-axis. Before we start projecting, we need to pay attention to two subtle notations on the graph: the arrowhead on the lower left corner of the graph indicates that the graph continues to curve downwards to the left forever more; and the open circle at (1, 3) indicates that the point (1, 3) isn’t on the graph, but all points on the curve leading up to that point are on the curve. y y 4 4 3 3 2 project down 2 1 −1 1 1 −1 x −1 1 −1 project up The graph of G 2 The graph of G When listing numbers in a set, we list each number only once, in increasing order. x 38 Relations and Functions We see from the figure that if we project the graph of G to the x-axis, we get all real numbers less than 1. Using interval notation, we write the domai...
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