Herein lies one of the possible origins of the term

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Unformatted text preview: ain your answer. (e) Why is this a Civics lesson in honesty? Well, compare the two linear models you obtained above. One was a good fit and the other was not, yet both came from careful selections of real data. In presenting the tables to you, I have not lied about my weight, nor have you used any bad math to falsify the predictions. The word we’re looking for here is ‘disingenuous’. Look it up and then discuss the implications this type of data manipulation could have in a larger, more complex, politically motivated setting. (Even Obi-Wan presented the truth to Luke only “from a certain point of view.”) 4. (Data that is neither linear nor quadratic.) We’ll close this exercise set with two data sets that, for reasons presented later in the book, cannot be modeled correctly by lines or parabolas. It is a good exercise, though, to see what happens when you attempt to use a linear or quadratic model when it’s not appropriate. (a) This first data set came from a Summer 2003 publica...
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