How many gallons of water were removed from the

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Unformatted text preview: of each kind of card does he own? 518 Systems of Equations and Matrices 6. How much of a 5 gallon 40% salt solution should be replaced with pure water to obtain 5 gallons of a 15% solution? 7. How much of a 10 liter 30% acid solution must be replaced with pure acid to obtain 10 liters of a 50% solution? 8. Daniel’s Exotic Animal Rescue houses snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions. When asked how many animals of each kind he boards, Daniel answered: ‘We board 49 total animals, and I am responsible for each of their 272 legs and 28 tails.’ How many of each animal does the Rescue board? (Recall: tarantulas have 8 legs and no tails, scorpions have 8 legs and one tail, and snakes have no legs and one tail.) 9. This exercise is a continuation of Exercise 5 in Section 8.4. Just because a system is consistent independent doesn’t mean it will admit a solution that makes sense in an applied setting. Using the nutrient values given for Ippizuti Fish, Misty Mushrooms, and Sun Berries, use Cramer’s Rule to determine the number of servings of Ippizuti Fish need...
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