If the equation has no positive real zeros then the

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Unformatted text preview: dic and repeats itself every 2π units.14 This means if we can find a formula for the domain on an interval of length 2π , we can express the entire domain by translating our answer left and right on the x-axis by adding integer π multiples of 2π . One such interval that arises from our domain work is π , 73 . The portion 3 π 5π 5π 7π of the domain here is 3 , 3 ∪ 3 , 3 . Adding integer multiples of 2π , we get the family of π π π intervals π + 2πk, 53 + 2πk ∪ 53 + 2πk, 73 + 2πk for integers k . We leave it to the reader 3 to show that getting common denominators leads to our previous answer. 14 This doesn’t necessarily mean the period of f is 2π . The tangent function is comprised of cos(x) and sin(x), but its period is half theirs. The reader is invited to investigate the period of f . 10.7 Trigonometric Equations and Inequalities 741 3. To find the domain of f (x) = 1 − cot(x), we first note that, due to the presence of the cot(x) term, x = πk for integers k ....
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