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Unformatted text preview: ic motion can be used to describe a wide range of phenomena, from the motion of an object on a spring, to the response of an electronic circuit. In this subsection, we restrict our attention to modeling a simple spring system. Before we jump into the Mathematics, there are some Physics terms and concepts we need to discuss. In Physics, ‘mass’ is defined as a measure of an object’s resistance to straight-line motion whereas ‘weight’ is the amount of force 7 See the figure on page 748. 752 Applications of Trigonometry (pull) gravity exerts on an object. An object’s mass cannot change,8 while its weight could change. An object which weighs 6 pounds on the surface of the Earth would weigh 1 pound on the surface of the Moon, but its mass is the same in both places. In the English system of units, ‘pounds’ (lbs.) is a measure of force (weight), and the corresponding unit of mass is the ‘slug’. In the SI system, the unit of force is ‘Newtons’ (N) and the associated unit of mass is the ‘kilogram’ (kg). We convert between mass and weight using the...
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