In fact the set argz of all arguments of z can be

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Unformatted text preview: if cos2 (θ) = 0, then cos(θ) = 0, and for the equation r cos2 (θ) = sin(θ) to hold, then sin(θ) would also have to be 0. Since there are no angles with both cos(θ) = 0 and sin(θ) = 0, we are not losing any 6 Experience is the mother of all instinct, and necessity is the mother of invention. Study this example and see what techniques are employed, then try your best to get your answers in the homework to match Jeff’s. 7 Note that when we substitute θ = π into r = 6 cos(θ), we recover the point r = 0, so we aren’t losing anything 2 by disregarding r = 0. 8 See Section 8.1. 9 We could take it to be any of θ = − π + πk for integers k. 4 11.4 Polar Coordinates 791 information by dividing both sides of r cos2 (θ) = sin(θ) by cos2 (θ). Doing so, we get sin(θ) r = cos2 (θ) , or r = sec(θ) tan(θ). As before, the r = 0 case is recovered in the solution r = sec(θ) tan(θ) (let θ = 0), so we state the latter as our final answer. 2. As a general rule, converting equations from polar to rectangular coordinates isn’t as stra...
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