In order for the calculator to be able to plot r 3

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Unformatted text preview: . S83◦ E iii. N5.5◦ E iv. due south v. N31.25◦ W vi. S72◦ 41 12 W12 vii. N45◦ E viii. S45◦ W (b) A hiker starts walking due west from Sasquatch Point and gets to the Chupacabra Trailhead before she realizes that she hasn’t reset her pedometer. From the Chupacabra Trailhead she hikes for 5 miles along a bearing of N53◦ W which brings her to the Muffin Ridge Observatory. From there, she knows a bearing of S65◦ E will take her straight back to Sasquatch Point. How far will she have to walk to get from the Muffin Ridge Observatory to Sasquach Point? What is the distance between Sasquatch Point and the Chupacabra Trailhead? 3. The grade of a road is much like the pitch of a roof (See Example 10.6.6) in that it expresses the ratio of rise/run. In the case of a road, this ratio is always positive because it is measured going uphill and it is usually given as a percentage. For example, a road which rises 7 feet for every 100 feet of (horizontal) forward progress is said to have a...
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