In other words i1 x x for all x in the domain of f and

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Unformatted text preview: . (b) The vertical asymptote at x = 100 means that as we try to remove 100% of the fish from the pond, the cost increases without bound; i.e., it’s impossible to remove all of the fish. (c) For $40000 you could remove about 95.76% of the fish. 6. (a) T = kV (b) 10 f= k . λ km V (d) P 2 = ka3 (c) d = (e) 11 (f) 12 D = kρν 2 . kqQ F= 2 r √ 1 T 1 2T as f = √ we see that the frequency f varies directly with the 7. Rewriting f = 2L µ Lµ square root of the tension and varies inversely with the length and the square root of the linear mass. 8. (a) B = 10 kW h2 (b) 13 k = 702.68 (c) B = 703W h2 The character λ is the lower case Greek letter ‘lambda.’ Note: The characters ρ and ν are the lower case Greek letters ‘rho’ and ‘nu,’ respectively. 12 Note the similarity to this formula and Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation as discussed in Example 5. 13 The CDC uses 703. 11 Chapter 5 Further Topics in Functions 5.1 Function Composition Before we embark upon any further adventure...
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