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Unformatted text preview: g the polar axis 117 units from the pole and rotate π clockwise 52 radians as illustrated below. Pole Pole π θ = − 52 π P 117, − 52 Since P is 117 units from the pole, any representation (r, θ) for P satisfies r = ±117. For the π r = 117 case, we can take θ to be any angle coterminal with − 52 . In this case, we choose π π θ = 32 , and get 117, 32 as one answer. For the r = −117 case, we visualize moving left 117 units from the pole and then rotating through an angle θ to reach P . We find θ = π satisfies 2 this requirement, so our second answer is −117, π . 2 Pole θ= Pole 3π 2 θ= P 117, 3π 2 π 2 P −117, π 2 786 Applications of Trigonometry 4. We move three units to the left of the pole and follow up with a clockwise rotation of π radians to plot P −3, − π . We see that P lies on the terminal side of 34 . 4 π 4 P −3, − π 4 θ = −π 4 Pole Pole π π Since P lies on the terminal side of 34 , one alternative representation for P is 3, 34 . To find a different represe...
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