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Unformatted text preview: right triangle. See Example 10.1.1 in Section 10.1 for a review of the DMS system. I have friends who live in Pacifica, CA and their road is actually this steep. It’s not a nice road to drive. 14 The word ‘plumb’ here means that the tree is perpendicular to the horizontal. 13 11.2 The Law of Sines 771 5. Discuss with your classmates why the Law of Sines cannot be used to find the angles in the triangle when only the three sides are given. Also discuss what happens if only two sides and the angle between them are given. (Said another way, explain why the Law of Sines cannot be used in the SSS and SAS cases.) 6. Discuss with your classmates why knowing only the three angles of a triangle is not enough to determine any of the sides. 7. Given α = 30◦ and b = 10, choose four different values for a so that (a) the information yields no triangle (b) the information yields exactly one right triangle (c) the information yields two distinct triangles (d) the information yields exactly one obtuse triangle Explain why you cannot choose a in such a way as to have α = 30◦...
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