Let f x 9x x 5 x3 a f 4 c f 3 e f 3001 b

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Unformatted text preview: s t, not x. In this context, t is chosen because it represents time. The second is that the function is broken up into two rules: one formula for values of t between 0 and 20 inclusive, and another for values of t greater than 20. To find h(10), we first notice that 10 is between 0 and 20 so we use the first formula listed: h(t) = −5t2 + 100t. Hence, h(10) = −5(10)2 + 100(10) = 500. In terms of the model rocket, this means that 10 seconds after lift off, the model rocket is 500 feet above the ground. To find h(60), we note that 60 is greater than 20, so we use the rule h(t) = 0. This function returns a value of 0 regardless of what value is substituted in for t, so h(60) = 0. This means that 60 seconds after lift off, the rocket is 0 feet above the ground; in other words, a minute after lift off, the rocket has already returned to earth. The type of function in the previous example is called a piecewise-defined function, or ‘piecewise’ function for short. Many real-world phenomena (e.g. postal rat...
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