Matrices themselves are usually denoted by uppercase

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Unformatted text preview: we refer the interested reader to a course in Geology or the U.S. Geological Survey’s Earthquake Hazards Program found here.) Our technique works only for relatively small distances because we need to assume the Earth is flat in order to use hyperbolas in the plane.3 The P-waves (“P” stands for Primary) of an earthquake in Sasquatchia travel at 6 kilometers per second.4 Station A records the waves first. Then Station B, which is 100 kilometers due north of Station A, records the waves 2 seconds later. Station C, which is 150 kilometers due west of Station A records the waves 3 seconds after that (a total of 5 seconds after Station A). Where is the epicenter? 7. The notion of eccentricity introduced for ellipses in Definition 7.5 in Section 7.4 is the same for hyperbolas in that we can define the eccentricity e of a hyperbola as e= distance from the center to a focus distance from the center to a vertex (a) With the help of your classmates, explain why e > 1 for any hyperbola...
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