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Unformatted text preview: 80. The predicted annual energy usage of the US in 2010 is approximately 112.980 Quads. 2.5 Regression 173 5. To predict when the annual US energy usage will reach 120 Quads, we substitute y = 120 into the equation of the line of best fit to get 120 = 1.287x − 2473.908. Solving for x yields x ≈ 2015.454. Since the regression line is increasing, we interpret this result as saying the annual usage in 2015 won’t yet be 120 Quads, but that in 2016, the demand will be more than 120 Quads. Our next example gives us an opportunity to find a nonlinear model to fit the data. According to the National Weather Service, the predicted hourly temperatures for Painesville on March 3, 2009 were given as summarized below. Time Temperature, ◦ F 10AM 17 11AM 19 12PM 21 1PM 23 2PM 24 3PM 24 4PM 23 To enter this data into the calculator, we need to adjust the x values, since just entering the numbers could cause confusion. (Do you see why?) We have a few options available to us. Perhaps the easiest is to...
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