Our sasquatch o meter tells us that sasquatch is 3

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Unformatted text preview: Find all of the points on the y -axis which are 5 units from the point (−5, 3). 6. Find all of the points on the x-axis which are 2 units from the point (−1, 1). 7. Find all of the points of the form (x, −x) which are 1 unit from the origin. 8. Let’s assume for a moment that we are standing at the origin and the positive y -axis points due North while the positive x-axis points due East. Our Sasquatch-o-meter tells us that Sasquatch is 3 miles West and 4 miles South of our current position. What are the coordinates of his position? How far away is he from us? If he runs 7 miles due East what would his new position be? 9. Verify the Distance Formula 1.1 for the cases when: (a) The points are arranged vertically. (Hint: Use P (a, y1 ) and Q(a, y2 ).) (b) The points are arranged horizontally. (Hint: Use P (x1 , b) and Q(x2 , b).) (c) The points are actually the same point. (You shouldn’t need a hint for this one.) 10. Verify the Midpoint Formula by showing the distance between P (x1 , y1 ) and...
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