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Proceeding further we nd 2 that when 32 2 we retrace

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Unformatted text preview: that the phase is 0. 3. The London Eye is a popular tourist attraction in London, England and is one of the largest Ferris Wheels in the world. It has a diameter of 135 meters and makes one revolution (counterclockwise) every 30 minutes. It is constructed so that the lowest part of the Eye reaches ground level, enabling passengers to simply walk on to, and off of, the ride. Find a sinsuoid which models the height h of the passenger above the ground in meters t minutes after they board the Eye at ground level. 4. On page 627 in Section 10.2.1, we found the x-coordinate of counter-clockwise motion on a circle of radius r with angular frequency ω to be x = r cos(ωt), where t = 0 corresponds to the point (r, 0). Suppose we are in the situation of Exercise 3 above. Find a sinsusoid which models the horizontal displacement x of the passenger from the center of the Eye in meters t minutes after they board the Eye. Here we take x(t) > 0 to mean the passenger is to the right of the center, while x(t) &...
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