Put the equation in standard form find the center the

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Unformatted text preview: 0+ , y → ∞. This is due to the presence of the ln(x) term in the function. This means Fritzy will never catch Chewbacca, which makes sense since Chewbacca has a head start and Fritzy only runs as fast as he does. 1 1 y (x) = 4 x2 − 4 ln(x) − 1 4 396 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 11. The steady state current is 2 amps. 14. The linear regression on the data below is y = 1.74899x + 0.70739 with r2 ≈ 0.999995. This is an excellent fit. x ln(N (x)) 1 2.4849 2 4.1897 3 5.9454 4 7.6967 5 9.4478 6 11.1988 7 12.9497 8 14.7006 9 16.4523 10 18.2025 N (x) = 2.02869(5.74879)x = 2.02869e1.74899x with r2 ≈ 0.999995. This is also an excellent fit and corresponds to our linearized model because ln(2.02869) ≈ 0.70739. Chapter 7 Hooked on Conics 7.1 Introduction to Conics In this chapter, we study the Conic Sections - literally ‘sections of a cone.’ Imagine a doublenapped cone as seen below being ‘sliced’ by a plane. If we slice the cone with a horizontal plane the resulting curve is a circ...
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