Recall tarantulas have 8 legs and no tails scorpions

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Unformatted text preview: et’s assume that when Pedimaxus was founded, all 150 residents got the Tribune. (Let’s call this Week 0.) This would mean X= 150 0 Since 10% of that 150 want to switch to the Picayune, we should have that for Week 1, 135 people get the Tribune and 15 people get the Picayune. Show that QX in this situation is indeed 135 QX = 15 (b) Assuming that the percentages stay the same, we can get to the subscription numbers for Week 2 by computing Q2 X . How many people get each paper in Week 2? (c) Explain why the transition matrix does what we want it to do. (d) If the conditions do not change from week to week, then Q remains the same and we have what’s known as a Stochastic Process10 because Week n’s numbers are found by computing Qn X . Choose a few values of n and, with the help of your classmates and calculator, find out how many people get each paper for that week. You should start to see a pattern as n → ∞. (e) If you didn’t see the pattern, we’ll help you out. Let Xs = 100 50 ....
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