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Rework example 215 with this new cost function 9 in

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Unformatted text preview: ≥ 0. We recognize the slope, m = 80. Like any slope, we can interpret this as a rate of change. In this case, C (x) is the cost in dollars, while x measures the number of PortaBoys so ∆y ∆C 80 $80 m= = = 80 = = . ∆x ∆x 1 1 PortaBoy In other words, the cost is increasing at a rate of $80 per PortaBoy produced. This is often called the variable cost for this venture. The next example asks us to find a linear function to model a related economic problem. Example 2.1.6. The local retailer in Example 2.1.5 has determined that the number of PortaBoy game systems sold in a week, x, is related to the price of each system, p, in dollars. When the price was $220, 20 game systems were sold in a week. When the systems went on sale the following week, 40 systems were sold at $190 a piece. 1. Find a linear function which fits this data. Use the weekly sales, x, as the independent variable and the price p, as the dependent variable. 2. Find a suitable applied domain. 3. Interpret the slope...
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