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Since the focal diameter is 4p 12 the parabola is 12

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Unformatted text preview: ona , C is a measure of how much room there is to grow given by L C= − 1. N0 and k > 0 is the constant of proportionality which satisfies the equation (instantaneous rate of change of N (t) at time t) = k N (t) (L − N (t)) a That is, as t → ∞, N (t) → L The logistic function is used not only to model the growth of organisms, but is also often used to model the spread of disease and rumors.13 Example 6.5.5. The number of people N , in hundreds, at a local community college who have heard the rumor ‘Carl is afraid of Virginia Woolf’ can be modeled using the logistic equation N (t) = 84 , 1 + 2799e−t where t ≥ 0 is the number of days after April 1, 2009. 12 13 at which point it would be more toast than roast. Which can be just as damaging as diseases. 6.5 Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 385 1. Find and interpret N (0). 2. Find and interpret the end behavior of N (t). 3. How long until 4200 people have heard the rumor? 4. Check your answers to 2 and 3 using...
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