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Unformatted text preview: fer to Exercise 5 in Section 2.3 for assistance if needed.) Round your answers to two decimal places. 4. What temperature values in degrees Celsius are equivalent to the temperature range 50◦ F to 95◦ F ? (Refer to Exercise 3 in Section 2.1 for assistance if needed.) 5. The surface area S of a cube with edge length x is given by S (x) = 6x2 for x > 0. Suppose the cubes your company manufactures are supposed to have a surface area of exactly 42 square centimeters, but the machines you own are old and cannot always make a cube with the precise surface area desired. Write an inequality using absolute value that says the surface area of a given cube is no more than 3 square centimeters away (high or low) from the target of 42 square centimeters. Solve the inequality and express your answer in interval form. 6. Sketch the following relations. (a) R = {(x, y ) : y ≤ x − 1} (b) R = (x, y ) : y > x2 + 1 (c) R = {(x, y ) : −1 < y ≤ 2x + 1} (d) R = (x, y ) : x2 ≤ y < x + 2 (e) R = {(x, y ) : |x| − 4 < y < 2 − x} (f)...
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