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The behavior of y g x as x to consider x2x7 6 as x

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Unformatted text preview: the function values f (x) approach the number 2. 7 240 Rational Functions y = g (x) doesn’t appear to level off to a constant value, so there is no horizontal asymptote.8 3. The degrees of the numerator and denominator of h(x) are both three, so Theorem 4.2 tells 6 us y = −2 = −3 is the horizontal asymptote. The calculator confirms this. The graph of y = f (x) The graph of y = g (x) The graph of y = h(x) Our last example of the section gives us a real-world application of a horizontal asymptote. Though the population below is more accurately modeled with the functions in Chapter 6, we approximate it9 using a rational function. Example 4.1.5. The number of students, N , at local college who have had the flu t months after 450 the semester begins can be modeled by the formula N (t) = 500 − 1+3t for t ≥ 0. 1. Find and interpret N (0). 2. How long will it take until 300 students will have had the flu? 3. Determine the behavior of N as t → ∞. Interpret this result graphically and within the context of the problem....
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