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The latter isnt in the domain of h so we exclude it

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Unformatted text preview: resistor. For each of the following resistance values (measured in kilo-ohms, k Ω), the corresponding power to the load (measured in milliwatts, mW ) is given in the table below.)10 Resistance: (k Ω) Power: (mW ) 1.012 1.063 2.199 1.496 3.275 1.610 4.676 1.613 6.805 1.505 9.975 1.314 Using some fundamental laws of circuit analysis mixed with a healthy dose of algebra, we can 25 derive the actual formula relating power to resistance. For this circuit, it is P (x) = (x+3x9)2 , . where x is the resistance value, x ≥ 0. (a) Graph the data along with the function y = P (x) on your calculator. (b) Approximate the maximum power that can be delivered to the load. What is the corresponding resistance value? (c) Find and interpret the end behavior of P (x) as x → ∞. 10 The authors wish to thank Don Anthan and Ken White of Lakeland Community College for devising this problem and generating the accompanying data set. 4.1 Introduction to Rational Functions 243 4. In his now famous 1919 dissertation The Learning...
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