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The next theorem tells us when to expect horizontal

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Unformatted text preview: al algebraic operations, and still others have no real zeros at all, it was nice to discover that every polynomial of degree n ≥ 1 has n complex zeros. So like we said, it gives us a sense of closure. But the observant reader will note that we did not give any examples of applications which involve complex numbers. Students often wonder when complex numbers will be used in ‘real-world’ applications. After all, didn’t we call i the imaginary unit? How can imaginary things be used in reality? It turns out that complex numbers are very useful in many applied fields such as fluid dynamics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, but most of the applications require Mathematics well beyond College Algebra to fully understand them. That does not mean you’ll never be be able to understand them; in fact, it is the authors’ sincere hope that all of you will reach a point in your studies when the glory, awe and splendor of complex numbers are revealed to you. For now, however, the really good stuff is beyond the scope of this...
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