The real number an is called the leading coecient of

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Unformatted text preview: sion line and comment on the goodness of fit. 3. Interpret the slope of the line of best fit. 4. Use the regression line to predict the annual US energy consumption in the year 2010. 5. Use the regression line to predict when the annual consumption will reach 120 Quads. Solution. 1. Entering the data into the calculator gives The data certainly appears to be linear in nature. 2. Performing a linear regression produces We can tell both from the correlation coefficient as well as the graph that the regression line is a good fit to the data. 3. The slope of the regression line is a ≈ 1.287. To interpret this, recall that the slope is the rate of change of the y -coordinates with respect to the x-coordinates. Since the y -coordinates represent the energy usage in Quads, and the x-coordinates represent years, a slope of positive 1.287 indicates an increase in annual energy usage at the rate of 1.287 Quads per year. 4. To predict the energy needs in 2010, we substitute x = 2010 into the equation of the line of best fit to get y = 1.287(2010) − 2473.890 ≈ 112.9...
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