The way we measure closeness in this case is to nd

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Unformatted text preview: on must have at least one zero in between. Graphically, this means that a parabola can’t be above the x-axis at one point and below the x-axis at another point without crossing the x-axis. This allows us to determine the sign of all of the function values on a given interval by testing the function at just one value in the interval. This gives us the following. 1 We will give this property a name in Chapter 3 and revisit this concept then. 2.4 Inequalities 161 Steps for Solving a Quadratic Inequality 1. Rewrite the inequality, if necessary, as a quadratic function f (x) on one side of the inequality and 0 on the other. 2. Find the zeros of f and place them on the number line with the number 0 above them. 3. Choose a real number, called a test value, in each of the intervals determined in step 2. 4. Determine the sign of f (x) for each test value in step 3, and write that sign above the corresponding interval. 5. Choose the intervals which correspond to the correct sign to solve the inequality. Exa...
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