This may lead some readers to believe that the only

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Unformatted text preview: 2.85 liters. 8. The rescue houses 15 snakes, 21 tarantulas, and 13 scorpions. 9. Using Cramer’s Rule, we find we need 53 servings of Ippizuti Fish to satisfy the dietary requirements. The number of servings of Misty Mushrooms required, however, is −1120. Since it’s impossible to have a negative number of servings, there is no solution to the applied problem, despite there being a solution to the mathematical problem. A cautionary tale about using Cramer’s Rule: just because you are guaranteed a mathematical answer for each variable doesn’t mean the solution will make sense in the ‘real’ world. 522 8.6 Systems of Equations and Matrices Partial Fraction Decomposition This section uses systems of linear equations to rewrite rational functions in a form more palatable to Calculus students. In College Algebra, the function f (x) = x2 − x − 6 x4 + x2 (1) is written in the best form possible to construct a sign diagram and to find zeros and asymptotes, but certain applications in Calculus require us to rewrite f (x) as f (x) = x+7 1 6 −...
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