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To show that it is exactly suppose p is a positive

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Unformatted text preview: ing equations applies to all six circular functions, not just f (t) = cos(t) and g (t) = sin(t). In particular, to solve the equation cot(t) = −1 for real numbers, t, we can use the same thought process we used in Example 10.3.2, number 3 to solve cot(θ) = −1 for angles θ in radian measure – we just need to remember to write our answers using the variable t as opposed to θ. (See the Exercises.) 10.3 The Six Circular Functions and Fundamental Identities 10.3.2 649 Exercises 1. Find the exact value of the following or state that it is undefined. (a) tan (b) sec (c) csc (d) cot (e) tan π 4 π 6 5π 6 4π 3 11π − 6 3π 2 π (g) csc − 3 13π (h) cot 2 (f) sec − (i) tan (117π ) (j) sec − 5π 3 (p) cot 7π 6 (q) tan (k) csc (3π ) 2π 3 (l) cot (−5π ) 31π (m) tan 2 π (n) sec 4 (o) csc − (r) sec (−7π ) π (s) csc 2 3π (t) cot 4 7π 4 2. Given the information below, find the exact values of the remaining circular functions of θ. 3 with θ in Quadrant II 5 12 with θ in Quadrant III (b) tan(θ) = 5 25 with θ in Quadrant I (c) csc(θ) = 24 (a) sin(θ)...
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