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Use this function to convert 20 c into fahrenheit b

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Unformatted text preview: r x C (x) = 15000 80x + 150 = 15000 80x = 14850 14850 x= = 185.625 80 Since we can only produce a whole number amount of PortaBoys, we can produce 185 PortaBoys for $15,000. 3. The restriction x ≥ 0 is the applied domain, as discussed in Section 1.5. In this context, x represents the number of PortaBoys produced. It makes no sense to produce a negative quantity of game systems.5 4. To find C (0), we replace every occurrence of x with 0 in the formula for C (x) to get C (0) = 80(0) + 150 = 150. This means it costs $150 to produce 0 PortaBoys. The $150 is often called the fixed or start-up cost of this venture. (What might contribute to this cost?) 4 The similarity of this name to PortaJohn is deliberate. Actually, it makes no sense to produce a fractional part of a game system, either, as we saw in the previous part of this example. This absurdity, however, seems quite forgivable in some textbooks but not to us. 5 2.1 Linear Functions 119 5. If we were to graph y = C (x), we would be graphing the portion of the line y = 80x + 150 for x...
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