Using a2 cos2 a2 sin2 a2 as before we get a 2

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Unformatted text preview: ne-of-sight to an object above the base-line. This is represented schematically below. object θ ‘base line’ The angle of inclination from the base line to the object is θ 5 We may choose any values x and y so long as x > 0, y < 0 and x = −4. For example, we could choose x = 8 y and y = −2. The fact that all such points lie on the terminal side of θ is a consequence of the fact that the terminal side of θ is the portion of the line with slope − 1 which extends from the origin into Quadrant IV. 4 10.3 The Six Circular Functions and Fundamental Identities 645 Example 10.3.5. 1. The angle of inclination from a point on the ground 30 feet away to the top of Lakeland’s Armington Clocktower6 is 60◦ . Find the height of the Clocktower to the nearest foot. 2. In order to determine the height of a California Redwood tree, two sightings from the ground, one 200 feet directly behind the other, are made. If the angles of inclination were 45◦ and 30◦ , respectively, how tall is the tree to the...
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