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We choose the acute angle arctan 3 the 4 4 reader is

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Unformatted text preview: Bigfoot Falls from Exericse 5 above both lie on a straight stretch of the Great Sasquatch Canyon. What bearing would the tour helicopter need to follow to go directly from Bigfoot Falls to Cliffs of Insanity Point? 7. From a point 300 feet above level ground in a firetower, a ranger spots two fires in the Yeti National Forest. The angle of depression9 made by the line of sight from the ranger to the first fire is 2.5◦ and the angle of depression made by line of sight from the ranger to the second fire is 1.3◦ . The angle formed by the two lines of sight is 117◦ . Find the distance between the two fires. (Hint: In order to use the 117◦ angle between the lines of sight, you will first need to use right angle Trigonometry to find the lengths of the lines of sight. This will give you a Side-Angle-Side case in which to apply the Law of Cosines.) 8 9 Please refer to Exercise 2 in Section 11.2 for an introduction to bearings. See Exercise 8 in Section 10.3 for the definition of this angle. 780 Applications of Trigonometry 8. If you apply the Law of Cosines to the ambiguous Angle-Side-Sid...
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