We note that in denition 813 the sum a11 det a11 a12

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Unformatted text preview: 2 −5 2 −4 −8 The reader is encouraged to check our answer in the original equation. − 1 (5) 2 − 1 (16) 2 1 3 1 3 (12) (39) 8.3 Matrix Arithmetic 481 While the solution to the previous example is written in excruciating detail, in practice many of the steps above are omitted. We have spelled out each step in this example to encourage the reader to justify each step using the definitions and properties we have established thus far for matrix arithmetic. The reader is encouraged to solve the equation in Example 8.3.1 as they would any other linear equation, for example: 3a − (2 + 5a) = −4 + 1 (9). 3 We now turn our attention to matrix multiplication - that is, multiplying a matrix by another matrix. Based on the ‘no surprises’ trend so far in the section, you may expect that in order to multiply to matrices, they must be of the same size and you find the product my multiplying the corresponding entries. While this kind of product is used in other area of mathematics,6 we define matrix multiplica...
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