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We see the degree of h is 1 the leading term is 5 x

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Unformatted text preview: convert the times into the 24 hour clock time so that 1 PM is 13, 2 PM is 14, etc.. If we enter these data into the graphing calculator and plot the points we get While the beginning of the data looks linear, the temperature begins to fall in the afternoon hours. This sort of behavior reminds us of parabolas, and, sure enough, it is possible to find a parabola of best fit in the same way we found a line of best fit. The process is called quadratic regression and its goal is to minimize the least square error of the data with their corresponding points on the parabola. The calculator has a built in feature for this as well, and we get 174 Linear and Quadratic Functions The coefficient of determination r2 seems reasonably close to 1, and the graph visually seems to be a decent fit. We use this in our next example. Example 2.5.2. Using the quadratic model for the temperature data above, predict the warmest temperature of the day. When will this occur? Solution. The maximum temperature...
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