What we are really doing is taking a calculus short

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Unformatted text preview: Curve Equation, Louis Leon Thurstone presents a rational function which models the number of words a person can type in four minutes as a function of the number of pages of practice one has completed. (This paper, which is now in the public domain and can be found here, is from a bygone era when students at business schools took typing classes on manual typewriters.) Using his original notation L X +P and original language, we have Y = (X(+P )+) where L is the predicted practice limit in terms R of speed units, X is pages written, Y is writing speed in terms of words in four minutes, P is equivalent previous practice in terms of pages and R is the rate of learning. In Figure 5 of the X +19) paper, he graphs a scatter plot and the curve Y = 216(+148 . Discuss this equation with your X classmates. How would you update the notation? Explain what the horizontal asymptote of the graph means. You should take some time to look at the original paper. Skip over the computations you don’t understand yet and try to get a sense of the time and place in which the study was conducted. 244 4.1.2 Rational Fu...
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