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Unformatted text preview: and the base radius r. (b) Find an expression for the surface area S of the can based on the height h and the base radius r. (Hint: The top and bottom of the can are circles of radius r and the side of the can is really just a rectangle that has been bent into a cylinder.) (c) Using the fact that V = 33.6, write S as a function of r and state its applied domain. (d) Use your graphing calculator to find the dimensions of the can which has minimal surface area. 4. In Exercise 11 in Section 1.5, the population of Sasquatch in Portage County was modeled by the function P (t) = t150t , where t = 0 represents the year 1803. When were there fewer +15 than 100 Sasquatch in the county? 8 According to, there are different values given for this conversion. We will stick with 33.6in3 for this problem. 4.3 Rational Inequalities and Applications 277 5. The cost C in dollars to remove p% of the invasive species of Ippizuti fish from Sasquatch 1770 Pond is given by C (p) = 100−p where 0 ≤ p < 100. p (a) Find and interpret C (25) and C (95). (b) What does the vertical...
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