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Unformatted text preview: p(x) = x3 − 2 and then showing p has no rational zeros. (You’ll need the Rational Zeros Theorem, Theorem 3.9, in order to show this last part.) 5.3 Other Algebraic Functions 323 11. With the help of your classmates, generalize the previous exercise to show that irrational number provided that cn is not a rational number. √ n c is an 12. Suppose Fritzy the Fox, positioned at a point (x, y ) in the first quadrant, spots Chewbacca the Bunny at (0, 0). Chewbacca begins to run along a fence (the positive y -axis) towards his warren. Fritzy, of course, takes chase and constantly adjusts his direction so that he is always running directly at Chewbacca. If Chewbacca’s speed is v1 and Frity’s speed is v2 , the path Fritzy will take to intercept Chewbacca, provided v2 is directly proportional to, but not equal to, v1 is modeled by y= 1 2 x1+v1 /v2 x1−v1 /v2 − 1 + v1 /v2 1 − v1 /v2 + v1 v2 2 − v1 2 v2 (a) Determine the path Fritzy will take if he runs exactly twice as fast as Chewbacca; that is, v2 = 2v1 . Use your calculator to graph this p...
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