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Notes for media and culture from 9-25-07 Burton Caine - speaker privelages of being an american citizen exercising a freedom not only for yourself as a person but you as a group. "We the people. .." Last class from Harvard that didn't allow women into it. James Madison - 4th presiden - wrote bill of rights and constitution out of the first 5 presidents, 4/5 were slaveholders from the south free people from virginia were the minority. what great lesson do we learn from all of this bad history? "we the people must. .." "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" what are the obligations of an american citizen? take those opportunities and make sure they fulfill their obligation. "go die for your country because we say so" power to declare war is solely in the power of congress worst american tradition is putting someone in jail without trial by an independent
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Unformatted text preview: set of courts. temple has a speech code against discrimination, against minorities. (women, racial groups) the answer to speech is more speech president is just a placement of power world doesn't end where the first ammendment leaves off people dont like something they try to find a way around it, people who like something they try to enforce it. doesn't have to be art to be protected by the 1st ammendment, just expression. the word speech isn't limited to vocal, changed word speech to expression. when was written they knew what expression meant. commercial speech document - commercial speech isn't under 1st ammendment, it is speech givign a commercial transaction. norris liguardia act. .. prohibits any type of injunction against labor activity and protects people forming unions in interstate groups....
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