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3/20/08 Media Management and Organization Key Terms Rating Share HUT - Homes Using Television Demographic Psychographic Geodemographic Reach - How many different people have consumed "it" Frequency - How many times it is repeated Nielson Sweeps Diaries people meters Arbitron "Media Buy" - balance of reach and frequency Local Sales Manager/team - selling spot time dealing with local placement. National Sales Manager/team - selling spots dealing with national placement. Rep firm - representing the media company Avails - open time, when program isn't shown. Advertising - actions used to convince to buy/purchase or act
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Unformatted text preview: Marketing - strategies to get there Four Ps of Marketing Product Price Placement Promotion High reach - low frequency - Superbowl Spots High frequency - low reach - Smut ads Marketing Elements that you hear in "Merchants of Cool" using promotional music videos as programming everything on MTV is an advertisement. product placement in shows. mook - created character who is loud and obnoxious marketing research placement promotion brand ethnography...
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