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4/3/08 Media Management and Organization "The Big Debate" LOCAL GM ABC affiliate in small midwest town. radio CW affiliate in Detroit station gm in baltimore md. <--- Questions: recently we noticed that a local pbs station was fined for airing a great frontline show where someone in it said fuck. content of the show was about the internet and cyber bullying and predators on the internet. Interviewed somebody and in part of the interview they cursed. we are in the last couple of years. .. the technology is exploding new possibilities around
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Unformatted text preview: media. DVR HDTV Internet on TV. concerns? a few years ago there were a lot of radio stations in the country, with the telecommunications act of 1996 showed clear channel an opportunity since it didn't regulate how many stations you could have nationally. what kind of opportunity has this had to work with clear channel? in the next couple of years do you think that media ownership rules should allow for greater consolidation, stay the same, or make less consolidation. QUIZ STUFF cumulative quiz, study guide will be posted tomorrow....
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