MC Chapter 2

MC Chapter 2 - Chapter 2- Providing Answers to Today's...

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Chapter 2- Providing Answers to Today’s Problems -Preface Information -Press is the only private business that receives congressional protection under the free-expression clause -History of communications provides us with examples, problems, and solutions, and their effectiveness (in a certain context) -Many recurring historical themes: -Resistance to government tyranny -Greed accompanying the development of property -Abuse of social, religious, labor, and other groups -Conflict between cultural and ideological groups -People competing for power and influence -Values and dangers of free expression -Communication in the Early World -Growth of communication technology progressive society -Early communication included oral storytelling and medieval hand-written accounts -Social Impact of Printing -Movable type (Johann Gutenberg 1450) -Wine press + lead mixture for letters first printed document (the Gutenberg Bible) -Diurnal Occurrences (1640) – first newspaper ever -Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestik (1690)– America’s first newspaper -William Caxton – first printing press in England -Ceased by King Henry VIII once he realized that printing could be used to spread mass amounts of information and therefore break down the government’s manipulation and monopolization of information -Printing responsible for Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution -Provided advantages -Improved literacy -Cost effective -Kept communities and masses informed -Merged the elite and the common masses -Emergence of American Journalism -Media can sometimes have a bad effect on the consumers if it offends them -Benjamin Harris -Resulted in legal trouble with the King and the Anglican Church -John Campbell had the first (and only until 1719) successful newspaper -William Brooker retaliated with the Boston Gazette -Anglicans formed the New England Courant as an opposing newspaper -With the new freedom of press, people like Virginia Governor William Berkeley
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MC Chapter 2 - Chapter 2- Providing Answers to Today's...

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