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Nicole Bellman AP - have to have a wider range of...

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Reaction Paper to “Birds of a Feather” While scientists may disagree, the way that Claritas categorizes the different zip codes is fitting. Living in a neighborhood that I believe they would deem to be “Money and Brains” I would have to agree with that category. Looking from home to home I see pricey foreign cars and houses with so many garages that they exceed the number of people who reside in them. I see men and women arriving home from work in pristine Ralph Lauren or Armani suits, and it is evident that half of their money (including stocks and bonds) dwells within the ten banks found in two small shopping centers that flank “The Village”. The fact that each type of person clusters with people most similar to themselves makes the ability to categorize an area, and its inhabitants, even easier. If the people who fit into these categories were dispersed throughout different regions it would be difficult to create the town feel that modern America has developed. Each area would
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Unformatted text preview: have to have a wider range of businesses and services readily available because there would be no generalities and each varying sector of people would have different wants and needs to accommodate. This would have an adverse affect on the overall economics because each market would have a less dense population to pull from. The ability to categorize makes the American lifestyle easier to predict and therefore provide accommodation. The way Claritas has categorized certain areas has impacted our lifestyles positively though many of the scientists who disagree with this categorization probably return to their homes in a “ M oney and B rains” society at the end of the day, lock their M ercedes B enz, drop their briefcase on their granite floored foyers, rest their palm pilot briefly while they trade in their Gucci suit for a Polo shirt and jeans prior to checking up on today’s bond market before calling their neighbors to commiserate or celebrate over dinner at the club ....
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Nicole Bellman AP - have to have a wider range of...

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