Pol S 101 Chapter 1

Pol S 101 Chapter 1 - Politics consists of individual or...

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Pol S 101 Chapter 1 Summary -Preconceptions affect the way people think about politics -people have difficulty defining the term itself, the changing subject matter, and how to conduct research Definitions Agreement reality- which consists of the things we believe are real even though we have never directly seen, touched, heard, smelled, or tasted them Conceptual frameworks- drawn from the personal experiences, preferences, and expectations Experimental reality- composed of the things e directly experience-which make up only a small portion of our reality. Idealism- what we would like to do
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Unformatted text preview: Politics- consists of individual or combined actions of individuals, governments and or groups, aimed at getting what they want accomplished, when those actions have public consequences Realism- what we must do or what is possible Scientific Method- a specific set of rules and processes for pursuing knowledge with observation, hypothesis building, experimentation and replication Sophist- one who teaches promising young men the skills that they need in order to be personally successful in public life by who does not focus on ethics or the good of the society....
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